D cube r2 software applications

D cube r2 software applications

Welcome to Cube Software.. At Cube Software we have been designing Computer Telephony Integration software solutions for past 25 years. Over these years we have deployed a large number of products and solutions which work seamlessly with Communication Solutions of . In this video I show my method to solve a Gear Cube Extreme and Gear Cube Ultimate. I came up with all the algorithms except for the first one. The first one I learned from a video on how to solve the Square-1 from 3 years ago. Jun 20,  · Raiscube R2 (Prusa I3 Clone) 3D Printer Review – Part 2: 3D Print Samples, E3D Clone Installation, Tips & Tricks Karl here with part 2 Exploring Raiscube R2. That is .

Karl here with part 2 Exploring Raiscube R2. That is the official name by Raiscube. Gonna look at some more prints.

D cube r2 software applications

Some mistakes I made in first part and some simple mods. Maybe not so much mistakes but an oversight. So in the first part of Raiscube Prusa i3 review , I mentioned there were not very good instructions, and they sent a blank SD card with the kit. I was wrong.

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  • On first inspection, it looked like a factory sealed SD card but it is not. It is an 8 GB card with videos, instructions, pictures, parts list, STL, and gcode files as well as an old version of Cura. Not blank at all with about 1. With that being said I am not sure I would have struggled as much had I known the videos were available.

    D cube r2 software applications

    I watched some of the videos but it is hard to know if I would have made the same mistakes. One of the complaints I had in the first part was that I had to level the bed after every print.

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    I have been watching and reading a lot on 3D printing, and I ran across a video that was talking about placing a nut between the screw and the build plate and after trying myself it makes so much sense. Not only is it going to help make a moving plate more rigid it will compress the springs more. There were extra nuts in the kit so this one is a simple welcome freebie. I also think it improves quality as well keeping the build plate more rigid.

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    New filament I just received. I was tweaking at the bottom, so please ignore the under extrusion at the feet.

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  • I changed the flow back as soon as I noticed. All these prints are stock unless otherwise noted. Another pre sliced file on sd card.

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    Little trouble with overhangs. Overall prettygood.

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    New tool holder. Last and final print on SD card. Kids liked this. Prints in one piece and moves as soon as removed from the print bed. Orange Pi Lite development board case. I have been working for a while on converting to a bowden style E3D clone.

    D cube r2 software applications

    I have it mostly working but want to make sure I have a good working solution. My goal is to make it a simple upgrade with the least amount of work and modifications.

    It worked with the first iteration, until I started longer prints. I am pretty sure it is due to heat creeping up the heartbreak.

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    I think with some Kapton tape insulating the hotend and new mount with bigger fan I can fix the issue. This printer prints really well stock without any modifications, but you have to print slower to avoid ringing.

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    Ringing happens when the print head is accelerating and decelerating and reducing the weight of the x carriage helps reduce this. The R2 is a direct drive type printer. Which means the stepper motor that pushes the filament is on the x carriage. This can be changed to a bowden style and weight can be reduced substantially.

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    In addition, this converts to an all metal heatbreak. Above the PTFE starts to burn and melt and release bad fumes. I think this is a winner.

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  • Using 40mm fan instead of 30mm, and not obstructing airflow. If you are printing stock you can improve your prints just by making the filament flow better to the hotend.

    Initially I raised the spool holder to above and behind the printer to improve the flow.

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    With the stock setup when the direct drive is moving around if there is friction on the spool it will slightly twist the hotend as it is moving. I am talking about. There are several spool holders on thingiverse, I am using this one with some bearings that I modified for my needs.

    It is working OK for what I do most of the time. It is rudimentary for 3D modeling but I find it useful for what I need. This has been challenging for me to work through the troubleshooting on the E3D upgrade. Stock printing with this printer yields good results.

    Only if you want to print faster is the E3D really necessary. Pretty excited about this one. Filament Diameter 1.