How to install tar files in puppy linux requirements

How to install tar files in puppy linux requirements

If you would like to install it ON TOP of Windows: Install a virtual machine program (ex. Virtualbox, VMware) Install Linux inside of virtual machine Install it along side (or overwrite) Windows. Feb 28,  · Whether you can install file depends upon what it is. A tgz file is a gzipped tar archive. Unlike Windows archivers like Winzip, Unix/Linux systems consider archiving and compression two separate functions. A tar file is a Tape ARchive file. As the name implies, it was originally meant for storing files on tape. Dec 31,  · Puppy Linux Xenialpup System requirements: If you are using modern systems then you should go for the Puppy Linux Xenial which is based on Ubuntu Xenial and also support Ubuntu repository. Minimum System Requirements: MHz CPU (Recommended: MHz) MB RAM (Recommended (1GB or GB RAM)) 2GB or 3GB of SWAP minimum; Puppy Linux Tahrpup or Slaco 6x System requirements. Minimum System Requirements People have succeeded in running Puppy with a MHz CPU and 64MB. However having MB RAM and a MB swap file is more realistic. Jun 18,  · A. also known as tarball, an archive format for electronic data and software. Most Linux tarball contains a source code for software. If you are new to Linux I recommend using apt-get, rpm and yum command to install all binary packages.

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  • Generally i install software by internet, but i think it is not a good approach to depend on internet all the times. Then i downloaded a vlc. But unable to install. The command i written and result got given below.. This is not good practice unless you know the implications of installing software this way, and trust the source of the file.

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    This will compile the VLC source code, and then install it into your system. Because you are installing as root, this is why you must know that the source of the file is trustworthy.

    You will probably also need to install the build-essential package to get a compiler and associated commands.

    How to install tar files in puppy linux requirements

    Then, instead of " z " option in tar command which is for zip , you must use " J " which is for xz :. You can use tar xvf [filename] if you also want to see the files being extracted.

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    The z in your original code is used for gzip files. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Black Swan.

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    Black Swan Black Swan 2 3 If you are new to linux, you may not be aware that you will generally want to install applications from the repositories, which are packaged and ready to install. Go to the Software Center in the menu, search and install it from there.

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  • If you don't then please edit the question to explain why, as there are often better options than trying to install an app in the way you describe. BlackSwan Well, you maybe should be able to do so but one cannot recommend to do that.

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    Always prefer repo-packages. Anyway, how to "install"? Instead of copying, make install might just work fine.

    Download a package from the software sources or the software center.

    Decompress: tar xf [filename] This will expand the contents of the file to a folder. Then the commands are, from the folder:. To compile vlc, you need at least the following libraries installed: libdvbpsi compulsory , mpeg2dec compulsory , libdvdcss if you want to be able to read encrypted DVDs , libdvdplay if you want to have DVD menu navigation , a52dec if you want to be able to decode the AC3 i.

    More details here. Paul Paul I dug up an answer with a bit of searching.

    How to install tar files in puppy linux requirements

    First, you should have xz installed on your system. FuruiTatsu FuruiTatsu 11 1. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

    Puppy Linux Installation and Usage

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    How to install tar files in puppy linux requirements

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