The user does not have rsop data microsoft access

The user does not have rsop data microsoft access

For instance you want to check the policies applied to your computer but you’re not logged on with your administrator account. So you would run a command line prompt as a different user and then run gpresult /r or gpresult /r /scope computer getting stuck at The user does not have RSoP data. In order to avoid this warning, you can run the. Dec 29,  · Solution: The user “DOMAINuser” does not have RSOP data. Troubleshooting RSoP: link May not be that helpful though. It sounds like that the workstations are not picking up the replaced policies – the issue is that they seem to have corrupted policies as well. Oct 31,  · The User Does Not Have RSoP Data. When the UAC is enabled and GPResult is used in non-elevated mode, only the user settings section of the group policies is shown. If you need both sections (USER SETTINGS and COMPUTER SETTINGS) to be displayed, the command must be running in the command prompt with the administrator privileges. Feb 08,  · Summary: Microsoft Scripting Guy, Ed Wilson, talks about using Windows PowerShell to generate a Group Policy Resultant Set of Policy (RSoP) report. Microsoft Scripting Guy, Ed Wilson, is here. I can tell you that spring is definitely heating up. Not necessarily temperature-wise, but in the world of Windows PowerShell. Apr 16,  · How to Use Resultant Set of Policy Logging to Gather Computer Policy Information. Content provided by Microsoft Click Generate RSOP data on the Action menu. Click Next, click Click Select a specific user, and then click the blank space that is below the listed users. This has the same effect as clicking Do not display user policy.

Not really sure what to do with this. I understand what it means literally, but not how it's applied here.

The user does not have rsop data microsoft access

This happens on a few workstations with a known "good" user where GP is properly applied at other computers. Have you tried it backwards? So wherever you are setting the policy in group policy manager, lower left, right click group policy results and choose the wizard, walk through the wizard and see if that generates more detail. As always with technet, make sure the problem described actually applies to you; it's notorious for coming CLOSE to the issue you're having, but not quite hitting the mark.

Generate an XML RSoP report

I have used this link, with the reg hacks on XP machines and works great. Have not had issues with win7 as of yet. The user that is affected is not listed in the user selection box of the wizard Yet the user is actually logged on the machine. Seriously just try this first before spending more time looking at other areas, I've done it before a few times and it has sorted out weird GPO problems - it takes a few seconds and could save you hours of troubleshooting.

Thanks for all the replies, I have not been able to try any thing due to the fact 3 workstations went down ant he same time. It may be that I had a slightly different cause but the error I was seeing was exactly the same as noted above. What fixed it for me was a reboot of the server that my thin client was looking to for DNS resolution, it seems that the LAN adaptor within that server was partially locked up, rebooted the box and user logins started processing GPOs again immediately.

Enabled and set to automatic on startup. GPO seems to work now. Turns the netlogon server was set to manual. I started, changed to auto and rebooted and everything has returned.

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    Using GPResult Tool to Check What GPOs are Applied

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    Thai Pepper. Chris Jun 20, at UTC. We found 3 helpful replies in similar discussions:. Fast Answers! Was this helpful? Ghost Chili.

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  • Semicolon Mar 07, See all 3 answers. Spiceworks Help Desk. The help desk software for IT. Track users' IT needs, easily, and with only the features you need. Jay Jun 20, at UTC. When you run gpresult, that's the only thing it fires back? Brian Jun 20, at UTC. Jay wrote: Have you tried it backwards?

    RSoP HTML Report Using GPResult

    On the computer running the wizard try this, Start, run, mmc and hit enter. File, add snapin Scroll down and click the "Resultant Set of Policy" and then click the "Add" button then "OK" Now right click the "Resultant Set of Policy" and choose "Generate RSoP data" Click "Next" then choose "logging mode" and click "Next Choose the "Another computer" type in the name and click :Next Now see in the next screen if you can choose an existing user and if the users populate in the window.

    If it doesn't then choose the logged in user option.

    The user does not have rsop data microsoft access

    Click next through to finish the wizard. Before you review the results, either try to run the results wizard normally now and see if the users show up, or try it from the client machine now and see if you get results. In either case let us know what the results are.

    How to Use the Group Policy Results (GPResult.exe) Tool?

    I will give these a try next week and report back. Ran into the same issue again today. Did the Registry hack and all is good. Thanks so much for all the recommendations. Chris Jun 27, at UTC. Hi, I have the same problem but history is empty To chris Derek Aug 31, at UTC.

    Don't know how many days a team of us were looking into this. In our scenario, Group Policy would not apply for a couple of users. Next person logs in and it works, problem user logs in and doesn't work.

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    Simple reboot cleared out the network card and it worked. Thanks for posting! Lucas Apr 6, at UTC. This topic has been locked by an administrator and is no longer open for commenting. Read these next