Windows 7 usb dvd tool invalid iso file solution

Windows 7 usb dvd tool invalid iso file solution

Jun 09,  · Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool error: We were unable to copy your files. Please check your USB device and the selected ISO file and try again. You have to start command prompt as an Administrator (On Windows 7 that means right clicking the cmd and selecting Run as Administrator) and use the diskpart utility. Feb 14,  · Just want to make Windows 10 live USB "Windows portable USB" Using the only one program, which i know can do that Win to USB I have 3 iso files, absolutely normal iso files, one of them downloaded from Microsoft. Open file into the program have a message "Selected file is .

A quick Google search reveals that there are plenty of guides out there to fix this error but the catch is that all of them ask you to download PowerISO or UltraISO software. As some of you know, ImgBurn is free software and is compatible with all recent versions of Windows, both bit and bit systems. Step 5: Finally, click the Build button see picture to begin saving the edited ISO file with the new file system. Click Yes button when you see the confirmation dialog and click Yes button again if you see confirm Volume Label dialog box, and finally, click OK button to begin saving the ISO file.

Thank you very much for sharing this brilliant method, now my ISO file is working… god bless you!!!! Wasted a blank DVD following these steps. It allowed me to write the file but did not create a bootable Windows disc. Worked perfectly. AND it solved the original problem for me. Like others, these instructions did not work for me. The MS utility finished successfully but did not result in a bootable USB key, since it only had only one.

Thanks DMan! This is bull. Amazing instructions! Thank you again. Thank you , thank you thank you.

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  • This worked. Thanks again. This is bogus information. The provided download websites are all infested with viruses and trojans — Trojan.

    Windows 7 usb dvd tool invalid iso file solution

    OpenCandy Also an attack by hsttight. Hello there.

    The selected file is not a valid ISO file

    I had upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 7. I had fun but the computer was slow so I wanted to shift back to Windows 7. But I encountered the same problem again and again that my Windows iso file is not valid.

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    I was in a mess but thanks for your awesome tutorial, I got myself out of it and learnt a bit about this iso business. Wanted to say a huge thank you. Thank you very much, worked great.

    One thing I had to do was in restrictions, enable larger file size or something like that.

    Windows 7 usb dvd tool invalid iso file solution

    But imgburn told me how to fix the issue. Thank you very much.

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    Only thing, ImgBurn automaticaly downloads random programs. Was able to rebuild the ISo and no longer get the error message, but the Windows tool cannot finish writing the bootable ISO. Any clues?

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    Is the original ISO just faulty perhaps? I was at the point of absolute utter rage trying to get a USB Installer to work. Thank you so much this is information has saved my day, my iso recreated successfully, no more worries, i owe you a glass of whatever you like most. Thank you very much!!!

    Unable to copy files using windows 7 usb/dvd download tool

    Well done!!! Readers beware of this download. With Imgburner comes Malware that tries to install itself automatically! Tuneup software and some other software called Linkey. The method did not work for me. I ended up using a modified version of the instructions above.

    This brings up a new dialog box. Click the subsequent OK box that comes up. Then click the blue disk icon. Say yes to the subsequent box. It will fill in all the necessary boot image fields. Then click build. Now use the Windows tool to make your bootable USB drive.

    You saved my day. I will now regularly revisit your site for insights. Hi admin, i cannot install imgburn as this software contain some malware like Malsign. I have tried officila mirror,filehippo and softpeida but all showing the same. This threat is detected by AVG. I was getting so frustrated with the damn USB tool. Nothing worked!

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    Basically, just look inside the ISO file, and you will find it there. For some reason it needs to be added to the WUDT program folder. But I was wrong. So I changed the UDF version back to 1. This time WUDT finished the job.

    I dont usually post around on websites and forums but this was very helpfull Thank you i do apreciate it. Thank you so much!

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  • This worked perfectly. I tried the isoavdpcopy tool so many times without any success but this worked. Thanks again!!! Thanks a lot! It solved my problems, I was worried about having to download another ISO file, but this solved the problem prefectly. Thanks for the useful tip n tutorial, really appreciate your help and also kudos to you for giving an intro to the best free-ware for editing the image. Better than using poweriso shareware since imgBurn is free and does the job perfectly.

    Thank you for this article. This method worked and cost me no extra money. Thanks for Imgburn. Really it helped me alot.

    I dont to express it in my words. Thanks alot. Your email address will not be published. Comments Thank you very much for sharing this brilliant method, now my ISO file is working… god bless you!!!!

    God bless you, it really helped my situation. Thank you so much, helped me from a lot of struggle! Bless you! Brilliant, worked a treat mate — thanks very much!

    Fantastic solution first one worked very well. This is one of the best solutions I have read this year. Thanks a million.

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    Absolutely amazing! You saved me today. Thank you o. Thank you so much. Worked like a charm. God Bless. You Burn an. Sorry this will not Work!!! All of you who say this is bogus are doing it wrong. Good solution with ImgBurn. This is WORK!!! Thanks for your comment.